Sonic 1 Review (Saturn)

don’t fall sonic!

so this is the first sonic game released in 1991 for the sega genesis. it went on to sell 15 million copies across all platforms its been released on but how good i it really?

1. story 81

eggman has kidnapped all the animals and sonic must save them! reminds me of a certain plumber

2. controls 90

this game has very realistic controls for 1991. the physics and how you move are natural and you can’t go fast unless you earn it

3. green hill 100

this zone is fantastic for both the controls and a way to get used to the overall game. its cheerful and colorful too so its very good looking especially compared to mario 3 which came out a year earlier

4. marble 50

this place kills the mood you get in green hill by having boring design, bland graphics and it can easily make you tired

5. spring yard 72

hi there!

expect both the bad design of marble and good design of green hill but i like it since is also has good graphics

6. labyrinth 39

LAND!!! YES!!!

sonic slows down underwater so if you have a full level underwater in a game where the controls are designed for speed it creates hell and underwater its designed like marble

7. starlight 94

i’m waiting… still waiting…

remember how cool green hill was? the level was pretty much perfect. combine it with fair challenge for near the end of the game and you get this awesome place

8. scrap brain and the final boss 88

this place wants you dead but for a final level that makes sense. act 1 and 2 focus on platforming over speed bu they have better design than previous attempts. act 3 however should be called labyrinth zone act 4 since that’s what it is but at least the epic final boss at the end makes up for it

9. music 90

its very catchy and unlike most video game soundtracks from the early 90’s it wasn’t all 10 second loops

overall: 77


Top 10 SNES Games Look Back

to start this article here is ign’s list

Brainscratchcoms Thoughts On This List

Final Fight
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Top Gear 2
The Adventures Of Batman & Robin
Super Turrican 2
Super Double Dragon
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Bomberman 2
Sunset Riders
Stunt Race FX
Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage
Super Tennis
Super Star Wars
Killer Instinct
The Death And Return Of Superman
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
Soul Blazer
Madden ’94
Illusion Of Gaia
Pocky & Rocky 2
Rock n’ Roll Racing
Jungle Strike
Out Of This World
Kirby’s Avalanche
Mega Man X3
The Lion King
R-Type III
International Superstar Soccer
Fatal Fury 2
Kirby’s Dream Land 3
Joe & Mac 2: Lost In The Tropics
NHL ’94
Donkey Kong Country 3
Earthworm Jim
Alien 3
Breath Of Fire II
Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run
Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts
Yoshi’s Cookie
Super Bomberman
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Kirby Super Star
Harvest Moon
Gradius III
Demon’s Crest
Breath Of Fire
EVO: Search For Eden
Ogre Battle: March Of The Black Queen
Earthworm Jim 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV
Kirby’s Dream Course
UN Squadron
Sim City
Lufia II: Rise Of The Sinistrals
Metal Warriors
Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
Mega man X2
The Lost Vikings
Wario’s Woods
Donkey Kong Country
Tetris & Dr. Mario
Super Return Of The Jedi
Mortal Kombat II
Contra III: The Alien Wars
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
Mario Paint
Super Castlevania IV
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Punch-Out!!
Donkey Kong Country 2
Tetris Attack
Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy IV)
Mega Man X
Secret Of Mana
Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars
Star Fox
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario World 2
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Mario World
Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI)
Super Metroid
Chrono Trigger
The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

so ign likes a link to the past. i would put both kirby games higher but i’m just a huge kirby fan

next we have screwattack’s top 20 list

i agree with having super metroid above zelda

next is jontron’s list

this is a bit more interesting, mario all-stars didn’t even make screwattacks list and jontron only put super metroid at 11. glad to see kirby super star made it and tetris attack was a surprise. this is the most unique list i’ve ever seen

classic game room gives us the 4th list

well metroid won again. this list is kinda like screwattacks with zelda at second so that could be the common opinion

so use the poll above to decide your favorite snes game

Wii U Countdown 13/11/2012: Top 10 Nintendo Series

10-7. these 4 series are determined by 1 game (starfox 64 3d, ice climber, f zero, super metroid) because i’ve only played one game for each entry. these 4 games were arranged in what i think of the game itself
6. the legend of zelda: <insert somebody saying zelda should be number 1 here> i like the 3d games, ocarina of time, majora’s mask, wind waker, twilight princess all except skyward sword. the 2d games aren’t really my tastes but i do like a link to the past. recently nintendo stated future zelda games would be like skyward sword which is the number 1 reason why this series is at number 6 and i don’t see a good future for zelda
5. the legendary stary: yes i like the one game that was released in north america more than the entire zelda series. its such a good game and i wish that one day nintendo would give use the 4 japan only games
4. super mario: you might be wondering why mario is so low on this list. getting number 4 on a list of top 10 nintendo series is quite an achievement so screw you all. mario not only has great platforming games but amazing spin offs like mario kart and paper mario and this series has been almost consistently good since 1981. as the number 1 best selling game series mario is truly the face of gaming
3. super smash bros: i know this is a crossover that shouldn’t count but i’d be stupid not to list one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time. super smash bros melee and brawl both have massive character rosters and levels and for people without friends they still have loads of content. the original game is still good but only has 12 characters and 9 levels and an almost non existent single player but its still great. buy all 3 and i’m looking forward to sony’s ripoff of the series
2. pokemon: i stated before that smash bros was “one of my favorite multiplayer games” but pokemon is my favorite. it has a fantastic single player, so much to do in multiplayer and one of nintendo’s few games with good online. it also has over 640 pokemon to catch and no games lets you catch them all so buy all of them or get your friends to
1. kirby: away from multiplayer kirby is a platformer with loads of content, good music and good graphics. the copy abilities add so much to the games and all the hidden collectibles in each game. each game is good and worth every looney so buy it now!!!

Kirby Series Review

kirby is one of my all time favorite game series next to sonic the hedgehog. it started as a small game boy game made for people who had never played a video game before. 20 years later it is now one of the most iconic nintendo games. scores in this review are not based on overall game quality but how good they are to new fans of the series

1. kirby dream land 67

the start of the series still doesn’t rank well with me. its short and has nothing special about it and like last time stick to the future games

2. kirby’s adventure 81

this is the foundation of the series. it has long levels and worlds and introduces kirby’s iconic ability to copy his foes. it has more depth than the previous game but isn’t very deep at all

3. kirby dream land 2 77

this game is an attempt at a portable version of adventure. it has multiple levels per world like adventure and the copy ability. this game also introduced animal friends and collectable items which have been expanded since. it not as good as adventure however

4. kirby super star 85

in kirby’s adventure a formula was set for later games. this game takes the formula and expands on it to make a better version of the previous formula. copy powers now has multiple moves, distinct appearances and there is more of them. this game is also one of the harder games in the series

5. kirby dream land 3 87

this masterpiece isn’t much of a dream land game at all. while it has a lot of super stars new features removed the game is so fun it can be forgiven. the controls are amazing, level design is fantastic, music is great, art style is unique and it has to be the hardest game in the series to 100%

6. kirby 64 the crystal shards 82

this is the first game in the series with 3d graphics but its still a 2d platformer. the graphics make it feel like a 3d game and it blend together to make a great looking game. the game also has the ability to mix 2 copy abilities together and get a new ability. other than that this is really just dream land 3 with slower controls, a unique ability system and it doesn’t fix that games flaws but its still a great game

7. kirby nightmare in dreamland 80

i’ve never played this game. its a remake of adventure with features from super star so it fixes adventures flaws. from footage i’ve seen it looks like return to dream land and may be the first truly amazing handheld kirby game so i will give it a 90

8. kirby and the amazing mirror 78

this is another game i have never played. it is a metroidvania style game and you know i’m not a fan of the great cave offensive with has a similar comcept. i do like super metroid however so i can assume it deserves a 78

9. kirby canvas curse 82

i do have a bit of experience with canvas curse. it is the first kirby game for ds and uses to touch screen almost entirely. it has been years since i have played this and my cartridge is missing but it was a cool game with a good soundtrack but isn’t really much of a kirby game

10. kirby squeak squad 82

this game was my first true kirby game. it has a storage system allowing you to hold on to your power ups and has a good soundtrack. i have lost my cartridge years ago but i played super star ultra more back then meaning it can’t be better than super star to me

11. kirby super star ultra 100

this is a almost perfect game and the true definition of remake. it improves on the original super star so much and its my favorite kirby game and my reason for liking the series

12. kirby’s epic yarn 60

for a sequel to kirby 64 that people waited 10 years for epic yarn doesn’t live up to its expectations. it is barely a kirby game and as its own game its not anything amazing either and gets really boring

13. kirby mass attack 80

i have only played the demo for this game. like epic yarn its barely a kirby game but its demo was addicting and from what i’ve seen on youtube it has tons of references to past games

14. kirby returns to dream land 93

compared to what we saw in the last 2 games return to dream land is one of the best kirby games and wii games ever. it has the best multiplayer and music in the whole series and i have high expectations for kirby wii u now

15. kirby dream collection 100

this is a compilation to celebrate kirby’s 20th anniversary released this year containg the dream land games, adventure, super star and 64. it also has challenge stages based on return to dream land and a gallery about the series history

16. spin offs 87

the only spin off i have played is air ride which is one awesome game. the rest look ok to me so the spin off average would most likely be around 86-88

overall: 94

this is a great series with loads of potential and something all readers should try

VS Review! Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) And Sonic Generations (Ps3)

who will float higher above the ground?

mario was made in 1981 to save nintendo from bankruptcy. sonic was made 10 years later so sega could compete with nintendo. today we review the most recent 3d console games of both series to find the better game

1. story

neither game has much story as only the start and end of each game has any plot at all

mario: 60

sonic: 60

2. controls

in super mario galaxy 2 the controls are identical to the first game but the camera has been fixed so its better. in sonic generations modern sonic plays like unleashed and colors only less stiff and classic sonic plays a lot like the genesis games

mario: 100

sonic: 84

3. graphics



mario galaxy 2 is the best looking wii game ever. however sonic generations is the best looking platformer so far and is one of the best looking games of all time

mario: 92

sonic: 100

4. hub worlds

galaxy 2 has a world map like the 2d games. there are 6 worlds with 5 levels and a bowser level. you can also visit starship mario where you can play with the controls and talk to mario’s allies. sonic generations has a similar concept. you have a 2d world sorted into 3 era’s with a boss at the end, level entrances, ability to mess with how both sonic’s handle and talk to sonic’s friends. there are almost identical but galaxy 2 gets the higher score because its bigger

mario: 95

sonic: 94

5. level design

in mario galaxy 2 the levels are just as linear as before but this time they have lots of hidden stuff, 2d sections, well designed enemies, references to past games and unique puzzles and layouts not only that but there are nearly 40 galaxies in the game. sonic generations starts off as bad as unleashed but after chemical plant the game is filled with both 2d and 3d platforming greatness. the game might have more platforming than mario but it is shorter with only 9 levels

mario: 87

sonic: 96

6. voice acting

how come only sunshine had voice acting at all? galaxy 2 returns to no voice acting and you will see a lot of text bubbles. sonic generations clearly has the best voice acting in the series and its fantastic

mario: 10

sonic: 98

7. music

both games have some of the best music in video game history and i can’t choose a better soundtrack

mario: 100

sonic: 100

8. fan service

super mario galaxy 2 has many references to past games such as 2 full levels from previous games. each level in sonic generations is a new twist of past levels making it have better fan service

mario: 96

sonic: 100

9. lasting appeal

super mario galaxy 2 is the best wii game ever with so much to do and all wii games should learn from this masterpiece. sonic generations is the best game sega has made since going third party (that isn’t a remake)

mario: 98

sonic: 90


mario: 93

sonic: 90

so yeah mario won. super mario galaxy 2 is an amazing game worth the money but if you can by both do so as sonic generations is almost just as good

Sonic And Knuckles Review (Saturn)

sonic and knuckles is a game released the same year as sonic 3. the game cartridge has a cartridge slot on top of it and you could plug in sonic 2 or 3 to get new unique games. sonic and knuckles was meant to be part of sonic 3 but it was turned into its own game. so how is it?

1. early story 100

the story picks up right where sonic 3 left off. the death egg landed on angel island again so sonic has to destroy it. like last time it works for a platformer

2. controls 95

the controls for sonic haven’t changed. knuckles however runs slower than sonic but he can climb walls and glide

3. first half of levels 98

unlike last time this game is much harder. you may find mushroom hill easy but flying battery and sandopolis are truly hard

4. main story 90

also the same basic idea

5. later levels 100

lava reef, sky sanctuary and death egg are hard levels that are some of the series best. nice job sega

6. music 96

i don’t think its as good as last time but its very catchy and still pretty awesome

7. bosses 95

they are like last time but harder

8. graphics 91

the game isn’t as colorful as sonic 3 but the graphics are almost the same so its not too bad

9. ending 100

not only does the ending end sonic 3 too but also the era of classic sonic. the death egg is finally gone and sonic and tails live in peace. its fantastic

alone overall: 94

alone sonic and knuckles seems incomplete but is one amazing game anyway

Knuckles In Sonic 2 Review (Saturn)

1. final verdict 90

when i review this game i will go over this again but this is a way to play sonic  as knuckles. enjoy

Sonic 3 And Knuckles Review (Saturn)

this is the true sonic 3. this game is at first sonic 3 but after you beat launch base zone you go straight to mushroom hill. this is also the only way to play as tails in sonic and knuckles, knuckles in sonic 3 and to have a save feature in sonic and knuckles

1. final verdict 94

yes the best 2d sonic game got this short review. its a combined sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles making it one of the best 2d platformers ever.

full overall: 95

still an amazing game and no longer having that incomplete feeling makes it so much better

Kirby Dream Collection Review (Wii)

this is kirby’s 20th anniversary. this year nintendo has released a compilation of 6 kirby games to celebrate

1. kirby dream land 66

still gray

it hasn’t changed however the game screen is small and can be hard to see because of that

2. kirby’s adventure 78

this was my first time playing this game. i was hoping to play nightmare in dreamland more than the original but its good at the most

3. kirby dream land 2 75

like dream land it has the same screen problem. why? we won’t care if its not the same size nintendo

4. kirby super star 80

i’m not pleased that its the original and not the remake. i guess i have to keep waiting to play ultra on a console

5. kirby dream land 3 93

this was my first time playing this game and damn i was impressed. it has fantastic control and its much better than all previous games

6. kirby 64 85

this was my first time playing this game too. i think dream land 3 is better due to its control but this is still a great game

7. challenge stages 90

the challenge stages are 8 stages where you use kirby’s various abilities along with races against magalor. they play like return to dream land and the fan service here is amazing

8. museum 100

this mode lets you view kirby games and nintendo consoles as they came out and you can view boxarts, music and videos for each game. you can also watch 3 episodes of the kirby anime

9. final notes 86

i think return to dreamland should have come out this year with this game as a part of it. the challenge stages are just like it and i think that it would have been the best way to celebrate 20 years of awesomeness

overall: 87

kirby dream collection is a great compilation for any kirby fan to try. its also a great way to get into the series

Pokemon Fourth Generation Review (ds/Wii)

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Review (ds)

in 2006/2007 i was hyped up for 3 big games, sonic 06, super smash bros brawl and pokemon diamond and pearl. sonic 06 was bad, brawl was great. how are these games

1. story 68

what a negative way to start. the story is identical to ruby and sapphire despite being a sequel. and this time there is no exclusive teams either

2. battle mechanics 70

the battle mechanics recieved one major flaw in these games. move stats have been changed but pokemon stats haven’t been changed to fix this. the new pokemon are now better than all of you favorites from previous games

3. pokemon 100

unlike last gen you can capture almost all 490 pokemon in one game. the rest can be transferred over by third gen games

4. local multiplayer 100

it hasn’t changed really other than pal park

5. online multiplayer 80

online you can put up pokemon to trade and decide what you want in return. this is a flaw sonce you can request pokemon underleveled and a lot of people are impossible to trade with. that isn’t a problem with the game itself but there should be level limits. you can also trade and battle like you can locally so thats nice

6. graphics 60

compared to the gba games its slightly better. the gba games weren’t very impressive with the graphics but since they are only slightly better its not very good but i still do like the 3d effect the graphics give

7. music 90

the soundtrack is good. not the best out there but clearly not the worst. its better now since we are on the ds so its more tolerable

overall: 80

like last time more games came out over the years like pokemon battle revolution for the wii

Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii)

this was one of my first ever wii games. so is it as good as colosseum and xd? no, hell no

1. story 0

there is no story. this game is like buying the colosseum mode of pokemon colosseum for 50 dollars. dammit

2. online multiplayer 60

i’ve heard some people say they haven’t had any lag, that sounds awesome

you would expect that a current gen console would have much better online than the ds. this games online is a laggy version of diamond and pearl. i think nintendo should do a pokemon mmo and not this

3. graphics 80

what? i’m skipping straight to this? there is no story mode, catchable pokemon, new battle mechanics so yeah. this game for the wii looks really good and i’m really happy to say that about a pokemon game. the only problem is that since pokemon stadium animation wise the pokemon haven’t change at all

4. music 100

the single best aspect. the soundtrack is amazing

overall: 60

a major letdown indeed. in 2009 pokemon platinum, a diamond and pearl version of emerald was released

Pokemon Platinum Review (ds)

1. story 68

sadly they haven’t fixed it but there are a few cinematic scenes like in emerald

2. pokemon 100

its the same as diamond and pearl with a few more added

3. online multiplayer 82

this game introduced wi fi clubs where you can trade, battle or play minigames with random people. it can be pretty fun

4. graphics 63

they haven’t changed much but areas are more detailed and no longer look like ruby and sapphire with a 3d effect

5. new music 100

the new tracks destroy the old ones. they are awesome and make the originals look bad

overall: 83

one more game

Pokemon Heartgold And Soulsilver Review (Wii)

more remakes this time of gold and silver

1. story 95

this game is a sequel to red and blue so it actually has an interesting story

2. region 100

i don’t normally rate the region but this game lets you go to kanto making one huge overworld to explore

3. pokemon 90

there are quite a few missing pokemon mostly ones from gen 3 and 4 but you can get them from trades and with online you don’t even need a friend and another ds to trade

4. new content 100

this game has areas like wi fi clubs and the battle frontier from platinum and pal park from all 3 games. this game feels a lot like a complete version of the 4th generation

5. graphics 80

the game use similar graphics to the other games but objects have been changed so the game no longer looks like gen 3. there are also a few times you see 3d models of certain pokemon which look good for the ds

6. music 100

another job well done. just listen to the battle themes

overall: 89

that was a fantastic way to end what i think is the worst generation. i will review generation 5 but not yet, i will wait for it to end

Pokemon Third Generation Review (Gcn/ds)

Pokemon Ruby And Pokemon Sapphire Review (ds)

pokemon is one of the biggest and best multiplayer and single player games ever. so lets look at the first one i ever played

1. story 84

you are a 10 year old kid who just moved in to town. shortly after you arrive you find a man being attacked by wild pokemon. after saving him he gives you a pokemon and a pokedex and you then go on your journey to get all the pokemon and be the best trainer. in this game team aqua or magma (depending on game) are also trying to flood/dry up the world. works for me

2. pokemon 70

in these games there are over 100 pokemon to catch in the wild. this is one of the games biggest problems since you don’t have access to all the pokemon. no wonder it no longer says “gotta catch em all” on the top

3. battle mechanics 100

these game is very easy to play. after winning a battle pokemon gain experience and when they get enough experience they level up. at certain levels pokemon learn new moves and you can only have 4 moves out a time so its your choice to pick the best moves. each pokemon has unique movesets so you pick your pokemon too

4. multiplayer 100

in these game you can battle and trade with friends which allows you to get pokemon exclusive to one game. it can also be fun to battle with friends and you will spend hours training to beat your friends

5. graphics 77

the graphics aren’t the best on gba but compared to previous pokemon game they are really good especially the battle animations

6. music 90

the music is amazing. only problem is thats its a game boy advance game

overall: 87

so during the next few years new games would be released for game boy advance and gamecube that can trade and battle with ruby and sapphire. so first, here is pokemon colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum Review (Gcn)

1. story 90

this game has a darker story than most pokemon games. its not very involved but its very refeshing

2. pokemon 80

in this game you catch shadow pokemon from other trainers and purify them to make them normal pokemon. you do have a limited number of pokemon to catch but most of these pokemon are not available in ruby and sapphire making a good way to catch the pokemon. the remaing pokemon that are not in this game can be caught in pokemon firered and leafgreen…

i have never played these so no review


3.  battles 100

raichu looks pissed

this game has small overworlds which tells you it wants you to battle. some towns have colosseums that you can battle in and the game also has colosseum modes to lets you do non stop battling

4. multiplayer 90

the game isn’t mobile so you can’t trade anywhere like the handheld ones but at home this game lets you catch pokemon unseen in other games. you can also use this game to battle handheld games in 3d

5. graphics 89

again for the console they aren’t special but compared to stadium its a nice improvement

6. music 85

not as good as ruby and sapphire but its still really good and its orchestral so its not ruined by bad sound quality

overall: 85

Pokemon Firered And Leafgreen

i’ve never played either game. when i was little i saw ruby, sapphire, firered, leafgreen and emerald at school but i only played what i owned. these games are remakes of pokemon red and blue than can connect to ruby and sapphire and trade. firered and leafgreen has nearly all pokemon from generation 1 and 2 while ruby and sapphire only have a few from those gens, but the only gen 3 pokemon so to catch em all you need them

Pokemon Emerald Review (ds)

this isn’t really its own game but an expanded version of ruby and sapphire so i’m not covering certain parts of the game

1. story 88

the story is mainly the same as last time but now both team aqua and magma are fighting to flood/dry up the world and you need to stop both of them. the game now has a few cutscences too so enjoy

2. pokemon 100

pokemon emerald version came out after ruby, sapphire, colosseum, firered and leafgreen so now you can catch over 380 pokemon. emerald has a few extra pokemon in it for those who don’t trade

3. battle frontier 90

the battle frontier is a place for competitive battles. you can battle in various ways here so its one of emerald best features

4. new music 97

the game has more music in it. they sound really good but again wehave the stupid sound chip

overall: 90

Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness (Gcn)

this game is a sequel to colosseum that has a bigger story, more pokemon but less battle modes

1. story 96

its more like the handheld games than colosseum but it works. its much longer than colosseum and has a few more sidequests

2. pokemon 90

the shadow pokemon return in this game. however there are more of them and there are a few wild pokemon so its better than last time

3. battles 80

the battles are mostly the same as last time but there are fewer colosseums and no colosseum mode so its a bit downgraded

4. graphics 89

the graphics are better than last time and the opening is pretty good but it still isn’t special

5. music 88

its also better and most of colosseums music is still here

overall: 88

full generation overall: 90

i first played pokemon in 2006 and in 2007 something great happened that i will soon review

Kirby Super Star Ultra Review (ds)


now i have reviewed all the console games and 2 handheld ones. now lets take a break and look at a remake. remakes can either be destruction of a game (like sonic genesis) or something that makes the original look like shit (like metroid zero mission). so is kirby super star ultra, a remake of kirby super star a good or bad remake?

speaking of remakes, i forgot to review kirby nightmare in dreamland, a remake of kirby’s adventure

oh right, i’ve never played this

1. classic sub games 90

it really makes the originals look nice

the classic sub games are basically the same but with minor enemy tweaks, music tweaks and graphics. noting truly different

2. revenge of the king 80

revenge of the king is another remake of dream land except harder. the bosses and level design have all been made harder making this the dream land fan edition

3. helper to hero 87

in this game you play as any helper and defeat a few bosses. its quite a hard game especially for its reward

4. meta knightmare ultra 100

holy shit this is awesome. in this game you play through spring breeze, dyna blade, the great cave offensive, revenge of meta knight and milky way wishes as meta knight. with mera knights flight controls and a speed up ability this is the speed runner edition of super star

5. card swipe, kirby on the draw and snack tracks 90

a gun? i thought it was rated e for everyone

these are your average touch minigames. each game is 4 player and are quite addicting

6. the true arena 96

this mode is like the arena but you fight the new bosses instead of the old ones and you have even more limited health refills. god dammit this is the most brutal part of any kirby game ever and you will be lucky to beat it

7. graphics 100

in nightmare in dream land a new graphic style was used and it returned in every kirby game for a handheld since. this game used the graphics and they look much better than they did 48 bits ago

8. music 100

the soundtrack is kickass. the remixes aren’t much different than the originals but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. the new tracks are truly spectacular and some don’t even sound like ds songs. see if you hear tracks from other games here

9. comparison to the original 100

the original should never be played again now that we have this beast. bravo nintendo

overall: 94

i like this record breaking and yes this is my favorite kirby game